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Transcribing accurately needs context that only you know - but it's slow frustrating work. Our AI transcribes the easy bits - then asks for help where needed. Lexoral makes perfect transcripts fast.


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We don't make you pay for things you don't need. Fill your account with credit and start uploading. Pay for what you use, and keep your transcripts forever.

There are no hidden fees, so you know exactly what it will cost. 1 minute of footage costs 1 minute of credit - because that just makes sense.

New accounts get 15 minutes of free credit so you can try Lexoral with your own audio and decide if it's right for you.

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£6.00 per hour uploaded (10p / min)

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How it Works

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  1. Upload

    Upload your audio or video files on the Lexoral dashboard. They're encrypted and stored safely in the cloud. We accept almost any file type you can think of.

    With Lexoral, you always know your confidential data is safe. Our fully-automated platform means the only human involved is you. Check our Privacy Policy - it's short and simple.

  2. Process

    We transcribe your audio automatically using AI speech recognition. If it's not sure about a word, we store all the options for you to decide.

    By analysing the audio, we work out when each word was said. That you can automatically add punctuation when there is a pause. It also aligns your subtitles with the video.

  3. Refine

    It's easy to find and fix any mistakes that slipped through. Click on a word, and we'll play the audio in sync. Pick the right option from a dropdown, or type your own.

    We save changes to your account automatically, so you can edit your transcripts from anywhere. Alternatively, use your transcript with other programs by exporting it as plain-text or subtitles.

  4. Transcript Your Video

Use Cases

Here's some examples
of how we can help


Transcription is an important step of any research involving recorded interviews, but nobody looks forward to it. It's fiddly and tedious, but you can't risk the safety of your participants by outsourcing the chore.

Manual transcription can be frustrating, but the benefits are clear. Your transcripts are perfectly accurate, and spending all day listening to the footage means you're fully immersed and ready to analyse.

We give you the best of both worlds - all the safety and immersion of manual transcription, without the hours of manual work. What's more, our credit-based pricing means it's much simpler to secure funding.

Lexoral takes the frustration out of transcription, giving you the great results you're used to, faster.

Content Creation

Adding subtitles to your videos is an essential part of making them accessible to everyone. The automatic captions never work right, and they certainly don't understand all the weird things you get up to. You'd love to make them better, but it all seems like magic.

Whatever you end up doing, it's needs to fit your existing workflows. You're tight on time, but want high-quality subtitles that keep all your viewers on the same page.

Simply upload your video to the dashboard, and it'll be auto-transcribed within minutes. Open the transcript, fix any mistakes, and export subtitles! We use standard file formats, supported by YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

Lexoral makes sure your videos are for everyone - even people that lost their headphones behind the sofa.


Made by real people
you can chat with

Me, Steven Waterman

Steven Waterman


My cat Goldie


Background Noise

Hi, I'm Steven - I like cats, robot wars, and the sound of a calm river in the depths of a forest.

I've spent my career building software to make people's lives easier at a whole range of big companies. So when I saw an opportunity to use tech to help solve a problem close to me, I went for it:

I started Lexoral to help with my partner's PhD research:

I'm doing a longitudinal qualitative study, with 20+ hours of participant interviews.

Transcription was always my least favourite bit: it was slow to do manually but none of the alternatives worked for me. They don't understand the terminology, wouldn't pass ethics, and locked you in to long-term subscriptions.

Lexoral meant transcripts took an afternoon instead of a week. Only having to correct little mistakes meant I was immersed with my participants' stories from the start.

Artie Waterman
PhD Student, Durham University

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